Residential Propane Delivery in Allyn, Washington

//Residential Propane Delivery in Allyn, Washington

Residential Propane Delivery in Allyn, Washington

Need Propane? Cooper Fuel and Genesee Energy are now in the same family!

Cooper Fuel

In 2018 Cooper Fuel merged with Genesee Energy, a Seattle based heating oil and propane delivery company. In 2019 Genesee Propane trucks began delivering propane to residents of Allyn. Visit the Genesee Energy website to learn more about residential propane delivery in Allyn. Or, you can use this online form to sign up for your next delivery.

Three ways we are different from the big national propane companies.

1. Genesee Energy is a local family owned and operated company since in 1929.

We are now in our third generation of Clark family members. Gordon laid the foundation of this company with an emphasis of providing outstanding customer service to our customers. We are proud to continue that legacy in the community in which it was established. And, we are now expanding our territory to include residential propane delivery in Allyn.

2. We don’t charge extra fees.

We are careful with our pricing, only charging a $6 delivery fee. Unlike our competitors, we don’t charge hazmat or fuel recovery fees. Many of our competitors also give a very low introductory price, then increase their margin for every delivery of propane thereafter. Sometimes there is no ceiling on the price. The customer price can keep going up, regardless of weather the market price has gone down. At this rate, over time, the customer price can be quadruple the market price, without the customer’s knowledge. Genesee Energy is always transparent about our prices. We often offer an introductory price, but our regular prices are set based on a margin that fluctuates with the market price.

3. Genesee Energy offers payment plans.

Lets face it, getting that bill for a big propane delivery is no picnic. That’s why our customers rave about our variety of payment options. At Genesee Energy, we understand “sticker shock” and can ease the pain by spreading out payments. For details on our payment plans, visit our payment plans page.

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