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Commercial Fuel Service

At Cooper Fuel, we understand you need reliable service to operate your business efficiently. Since our inception in 1956, it has been our commitment to provide competitive prices and unsurpassed service to each and every customer.

We’ll focus on your fuel, so you can focus on your business.

On-Road or Clear Diesel:

Fuel that is sold without dye added, it’s a road vehicle fuel that is meant for on-road use such as for trucks or equipment that travels on the actual road.  Any vehicle that has a diesel engine and is licensed by the state for on-road use must use this type.

Off-Road fuel:

Off-Road diesel has a red dye to differentiate between the two types. This fuel by law is for use only in off-road vehicles such as farm tractors, equipment, and generators.


Same fuel you would buy at the pump but ours is ethanol free. We also have E-10 Gas.