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Heating Oil in Poulsbo, Washington

For over 70 years, Cooper Fuel has been providing residents in Poulsbo, Washington with quality heating oil. We began as a family business with a family attitude. If you live in Poulsbo, you know exactly what we mean by family. Cooper Fuel is proud to serve this special place, nestled up on Liberty Bay. It’s Norwegian cultural traditions are rooted in family lineage. In a similar way, Cooper Fuel’s  core principles are founded on family values. And we consider our customers part of our extended family. If you need heating oil in Poulsbo, Cooper Fuel is the number 1 in customer service. We strive to continue this excellent reputation in Poulsbo every day.

Why is heating oil the best choice for families?

Heating Oil is Safe!

Safety is our first concern, as we know it is for you and your family as well. We want only the best for our Poulsbo family. Did you know that heating oil is the safest heating fuel available? Heating oil is non-toxic, and non-explosive. With heating oil systems, carbon monoxide leaks are rare. Should your furnace malfunction, visible warning signs will be present. If oil leaks from your furnace or oil tank, it is messy but never life threatening.

Heating Oil is Clean!

Heating oil is a clear liquid close to the consistency of water. And today’s heating oil is better than ever. Did you know that heating oil is 95% cleaner today than it was in 1970? Cooper Fuel only provides Ultra Low Sulfur Heating Oil (ULSHO), which is the cleanest heating oil product available in Poulsbo, Washington.

Heating Oil is Efficient!

You may be surprised to learn that heating oil puts out more heat per BTU than natural gas. And newer heating oil furnaces burn about 16% more efficiently That means less fuel, and more heat. The average life expectancy of an oil furnace is about 15-20 years longer than a natural gas furnace. If you are considering upgrading your furnace for better efficiency, upgrading to a newer oil furnace will not only increase your efficiency, but will save you thousands of dollars as well.

We would love to serve you heating oil in Poulsbo, Washington!

Contact Cooper Fuel today for your next delivery of heating oil. Also, check our website for more info. Our Poulsbo customers rave about our payment options. We love our customers!