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Cooper Fuel is the number one provider of heating oil for residents of Port Gamble

In 1953 Clyde Cooper established Cooper Fuel on the foundation of one important principle: Quality Customer Service. Since then, we have continued delivering on that founding doctrine to become the number one heating oil provider in Port Gamble and beyond. Our long time customers endorse Cooper Fuel’s friendly, family oriented, personal service. We know our customers by name and our professional drivers greet with a wave and a smile. We’re family and proud to be delivering heating oil in Port Gamble to our extended Cooper Fuel family.

Choose Cooper Fuel for the best price.

Cooper Fuel always offers fair and competitive pricing. The price of heating oil is a constantly moving target, but we know price is important to you. Therefore, we set our prices on a margin. That means, if our wholesale price of oil goes down, your price will also go down. If the price of oil continues to go down, your price will continue to go down. This is what sets us apart from other companies. We value our Port Gamble customers, and you can trust that we are giving you a fair price. Always!

Choose Cooper for the best service.

At Cooper Fuel, we know prompt service is important. Our automatic delivery is our promise to never let you run out of heating oil. We have computerized monitoring algorithm that takes into account the temperature outside as well as your typical tank usage. When we calculate you are at about 30% capacity, we schedule your delivery. That means, you don’t have to worry about checking your tank and calling us when you need a delivery–we’ve got you covered.

Choose Cooper Fuel for peace of mind.

At Cooper Fuel, we understand operating on a budget. It’s tough to pay a large bill for a full load at the time of delivery. Our payment options help ease this pain. If you choose this payment plan, we calculate either a 20% payment each month, OR $60 each month (whichever is greater of the two). If you need additional assistance in paying your heating bills, please visit our Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) page, or get in touch directly with the Low Income Energy Assistance Program. They can help! No one should be without heat for long.

Contact us today for your next delivery. For more information on oil heat, visit www.oilheatamerica.com.